Recent Stuff – April ’09

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Bebe Stuff

See! What did I tell you! Minutes later and I already have another blog post! As I am expecting my first child, you may see many posts on the subject. I just wanted to pass on this website I came across with some adorable, practical nursing covers. Visit


I just thought I’d make a blog post letting you know that I’m not the best blogger. I’m getting more into it, but as you can see, over the past year I’ve only made 3 posts. So keep checking back! I will definitely be doing more blogging soon and in the future.

Recent Weddings

Abundant Blessings:

Just a few shots from some of my more recent weddings. As I look back at them I am reminded of the abundant blessings God has given me in my little business venture. I love taking pictures, and it has been such an honor for me to be at these weddings and capture all the moments in their special day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This first set is from the wedding of Bryan and Erica Kennedy. A very sweet couple with very sweet families – they were a joy to photograph!Wedding Day Portrait of Erica KennedyErica and her BridesmaidsFamily PortraitsThe SanctuaryDetails

October 24, 2007

It’s a windy, wet, dreary fall day. The kind that makes you want to get in front of a fire, watch a movie, drink cocoa, read, or for pete’s sake sit with nothing and just meditate! I love it! I can see red leaves out my office window. It’s true, I am not in front of a cozy fire. But the glow of these fluorescent lights above me and the smell of cheap coffee helps me imagine I’m there. I’m thinking those red leaves would be a nice photo to blow up huge on my wall.